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Understanding Uncertainty in Planning and Budgeting

The 5-year planning budget of our client, a global pharmaceutical company, contained many risks…

Sales Force Territory Optimization For The 21st Century

Pfizer, a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, wished to fairly and efficiently allocate…

R&D Valuation Model Audit and Upgrade

One of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world had internally developed a comprehen…

Using Risk Analysis in Major Project Budgets and Schedules

A large gas transmission and storage company had some large cost overruns of a number of project…

The Right Balance of Risk and Reward in Partnership Agreements

A difficult challenge for organizations is finding the right balance of risk and upside in…

Product and Project Portfolio Optimization Under Uncertainty

Performing robust evaluations for 100+ projects and then deciding which ones to pursue with a…


This widely used, wiki-style, technical reference tool for risk analysis and simulation modeling is produced and freely distributed by EpiX Analytics.


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