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Webinars on COVID-19

Our COVID-19 webinars review key lessons in probabilistic modeling: Looks at different models that..

Beef Risk Assessment

Increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR), or antibiotic resistance, has resulted in policies to…

Watching the Ships Roll in - Harbor Impact Study

Our client, a large natural gas producer, was hoping to expand its re-gasification facility. This…

Medical Devices – Evaluating R&D Investments

A multination leading provider of drugs and medical device technologies wished to improve and…

Regulatory Pressure and Uncertainty

A large pharmaceutical firm marketed its products in a country where the prices for its products…

Early Drug Development – Improving Decision Making

Decisions made throughout the entire drug development and commercialization process are fraught…


This widely used, wiki-style, technical reference tool for risk analysis and simulation modeling is produced and freely distributed by EpiX Analytics.


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