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Don’t let uncertainty hold your organization back from making pivotal decisions. EpiX Analytics is a leading independent risk analysis firm specializing in state-of-the-art analytics and risk modeling to improve decisions under uncertainty.

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Human & Public Health

Whether you are looking to uncover the evidence related to the efficacy and safety of a drug, determine the severity of a vector-borne disease, assess the health risk of an environmental exposure, or address another human and public health concern, you need answers that you can be confident in. We can help.

Animal Health

Managing infectious diseases at a global, national, farm, or animal level all comes down to figuring out how to assess and mitigate risk and make informed decisions. Our team develops models and conducts analyses to get you the answers you need. 

Food Safety & Nutrition

Access to safe and nutritious food is a cornerstone for the improvement of global health. Identifying science-based effective strategies to control foodborne illnesses and optimizing nutrition guidelines can be challenging. We deliver complex and insightful analyses to meet your needs.

Business Analytics

Your business is working to stay ahead of competition, run more efficiently, and better meet customer expectations. You require insight to support complex decisions, not just dashboards displaying historical data. Our common-sense business acumen, as well as extensive risk modeling and optimization expertise, provides intelligence to help you make informed decisions.

Our Unique Approach

Our risk expertise, unique perspective, and broad experience help us deliver the intelligence you need to move forward confidently. Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of organizations worldwide with sound insights to guide complex decision making.


Our multi-disciplinary team all have the rigorous academic credentials to conduct risk modeling to improve decision making across a broad range of industries and applications.


We’ve been doing this for decades and possess the practical, real-world experience to quickly frame the problems at hand and provide pragmatic analytical solutions to inform decision making.

Easy Access Tools

Our analyses are not bound by proprietary tools as we work in commonly used software solutions like R, Python, Analytic Solver, @RISK, and Microsoft® Excel®. Our power is in the insight delivered, not the technology platform it comes from.

Upcoming Training

Broaden your skills and deepen your knowledge with courses in risk analysis and probabilistic simulation modeling. Our skilled instructors specialize in the quantitative modeling of risk. We provide a wide range of hands-on courses at various levels from introductory general modeling to advanced risk analysis modeling and Bayesian inference. We have in-person and online options —and also offer customized classes tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Helpful Resources


This widely used, wiki-style, technical reference tool for risk analysis and simulation modeling is produced and freely distributed by EpiX Analytics.

Scientific Publications

Our team of PhDs regularly contributes to the thought leadership of our risk analysis community, putting forth novel approaches and advancing our industry.

Other Resources

We also have a rich library of information to help organizations learn more about risk analysis, inform their own approach, and increase their knowledge.