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Staying informed and up to date on the best tools to move your business or research forward can be a challenge. Rely on the experts at EpiX Analytics to provide the knowledge transfer your team needs to deliver robust, focused analysis. We can customize training programs specific to your organization’s unique needs, and offer courses open to the public. Identify the approach that works for you and sign up today.

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Human & Public Health

Human & Public Health

From modeling probability of success of a therapy, to disease spread modeling, to spatial models, learn the specialized modeling techniques used in human and public health.

Animal Health

Animal Health

Probability theory, diagnostic test uncertainty, and stochastic processes are key to model the impact of diseases on trade and domestic settings.

Food Safety & Nutrition

Food Safety & Nutrition

Our courses emphasize the similarities and uniqueness of modeling microbial, chemical, and radiological risks.  

EpiX Analytics for Better Decisions

Business Analytics

Analytics cover every area of business, from logistics to finance. Learn how to put together a valid quantitative risk analysis or optimization model to support business decisions. 

Case Studies

Training - Food Safety for FSA

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) needed effective and efficient remote training for a diverse…

Modeling health impacts of diets: a risk analyst's perspective

In this 2-part webinar series we present nutritionist-friendly explanations of the modeling…

Webinars on COVID-19

Our COVID-19 webinars review key lessons in probabilistic modeling: Looks at different models that..

Early Drug Development – Improving Decision Making

Decisions made throughout the entire drug development and commercialization process are fraught…

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