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EpiX Analytics is a leading independent risk analysis firm specializing in state-of-the-art probabilistic analytics and modeling to improve decisions under risks and uncertainty.

About EpiX

Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of organizations worldwide, including regulatory agencies, universities, and private companies, by providing sound answers for complex decisions. 

Our work covers all aspects of the quantification of risk and advanced statistical analysis. Our core expertise is in epidemiology and risk analysis at the intersection of human health and animal health, and food systems. We also have experience working in a broad range of industries and have provided clients insight into the risks and uncertainties that affect their decision-making, including corporate finance, portfolio management, operations, strategy, and safety.

About EpiX

Our unique approach supports improved decision-making.

We start by carefully listening and risk-framing the questions you need answered and decisions you need to make. We jointly develop a scope to make sure our approach aligns with your goals, timeline, and budget. Perhaps the most unique aspect of our approach is that we address issues and build models based on pragmatism. 

We tailor communications to get the information clients need to them efficiently and have provided training to hundreds of professionals worldwide.

We give back to the risk analysis community.

EpiX Analytics publishes ModelAssist, a technical reference tool for risk analysis and simulation modeling, freely available to users worldwide. This wiki-style resource, which includes example applications, gets thousands of monthly visits worldwide. 

Also, team members provide pro-bono expertise on important, evolving matters by participating in various expert panels including prestigious US presidential advisory committees.

About EpiX

Our experts actively publish in peer-reviewed journals, write books and author guidelines related to the accurate and effective analysis and modeling of risks. In addition, we regularly present conference papers, seminars, and training sessions internationally for business, governments and organizations that would like to conduct risk assessments in a variety of fields for a multitude of applications.

At EpiX, we are all experts.

Our work in one field informs and supports our other projects, growing our knowledge and broadening our skills. Our team has a long-standing expertise in risk analysis, simulation modeling, and optimization. Our analyses are not bound by proprietary tools and work in all commonly used software solutions like R, Analytic Solver, @RISK, and Microsoft® Excel®. Our power is in the insight delivered, not the technology platform it comes from.

Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Huybert Groenendaal

Managing Director

Dr. Francisco Zagmutt

Managing Director

Dr. Solenne Costard

Lead Consultant

Dr. Jane Pouzou

Senior Consultant

Dr. Dan Taylor


Dr. Folorunso Oludayo Fasina

One Health Senior Scientist

Dr. Mason Munro-Ehrlich


Sarah Hirstwood

Business Manager

Ellen de Jong


Romain Garnier


Prof. Andres Perez

Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Regis Pouillot

Senior Scientific Advisor

Prof. Tian Wang

senior scientific advisor

Prof. Keith Belk

senior scientific advisor


Chief of Entertainment

Partnerships and Collaborations

We conduct and participate in research projects for private industry, lead and perform research grants for the government, and collaborate with academia. Our commitment to research allows us to continuously improve and refine our approaches and apply the latest modeling techniques to projects for our partners.


We are a passionate group of skilled researchers and consultants, dedicated to helping our diverse clients find ways to outsmart risk and move forward confidently. If you are passionate about quantitative modeling and want to help organizations dealing with risk improve decisions, we would like to hear from you.

EpiX Analytics is an equal opportunity provider and employer.