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Businesses must do everything they can to stay ahead of their competition, run more efficiently, and better meet customer needs. As your company works to address these issues, many questions arise. You require insight into how your decisions will affect your business in a variety of future scenarios, not just dashboards displaying historical data.

Whether you are looking to determine if building a factory is the right call, want assistance identifying what portfolio of new drugs or medical technologies to invest in, or are seeking insight for a different strategic decision, we can help. Our models are forward-thinking, predictive, and account for uncertainty. We carefully listen to what your goals are, learn from your past data, consider conflicting opinions, and translate that knowledge into models to tell us what could happen in the future, helping you determine your next steps.


Our team is experienced at asking probing questions and translating your problem into a model. We use a combination of historical data and expert opinion in our analytical models, leveraging probabilistic and simulation approaches to improve our understanding of uncertainties related to your business. Once we have built a model (Excel-based or other, depending on your needs) and provided training on its use, your company is able to do the market research, populate, and run the model—and gain insight into the answer that you’re looking for.

We possess common sense business acumen, as well as modeling expertise. To ensure alignment of expectations, we present a conceptual model at project start. We then build, implement, verify, and validate the model. Our pragmatic approach supports our ultimate goal of making sure our work strengthens your decision-making.

Business Analytics

Service Areas

Committing resources without knowledge of the possible outcomes is a risky proposition. We help you uncover risks that are not always obvious. Applying Monte Carlo simulation allows us to account for the many uncertainties faced, as well as the complexity of decisions made in group settings. Our ability to incorporate uncertainties, ranges, and differences in opinions in our models provides insightful guidance to manage and mitigate risks before they happen, and inform the next investment in your business.

Supply chain issues can severely and negatively impact your company. We can help mitigate your supply chain risks as well as provide optimization guidance. From blueberries to oxygen to whiskey, we have helped companies minimize cost and maximize revenue by finding the most efficient decision for various scenarios. Using optimization math, we figure out how you can meet demand while accounting for supply limitations, ship your product in the most economical (or otherwise optimal) way, best satisfy your customers, and more.

Insurance products can help mitigate and manage risk. We provide risk modeling expertise to a variety of actors in the insurance field. Our risk modeling work on new or existing insurance products aims to support the creation of sustainable programs that increase resilience. 

Every year your company sits down to figure out your budgets for the coming year or years. It’s not easy to determine what the future holds for your business and there is a lot riding on your forecasts, such as how much you can invest, how much manpower you will need, and what guidance to provide investors. We build robust and insightful models to understand the key risk drivers in your budget cycle, helping you address and manage uncertainties before they hit you.

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